My Life in 30KG

30KG. That’s the baggage allowance for my move to Myanmar. 30KG! It will barely cover my clothes, let alone my teaching resources and other ‘western’ necessities I might not be able to get out there.

Now, I know I can pay for more allowance or even ship things over to myself but it did lead me to ask myself a very interesting question: just how do you condense 40 years of life (nearly 20 of which has been spent accumulating the trappings of a normal adult existence) in to a couple of bags?

In the past, I would say that I’ve always been pretty good at removing the excess or unnecessary from my environment. I’ve never been a hoarder, or much of a collector. When I had to leave my mortgaged, grown up, almost married life I managed to walk away with only the bare necessities, taking what was mine and leaving my more innocent past behind me in the attic for someone else to deal with.  (A cruel revenge but not something I regret!).  I thought I’d got away quite lightly but when I had to pack it all up again for my more recent house move I discovered I had far more ‘stuff’ than I thought. Items from a life together that were taken to replace what I’d originally invested into our home and future now have an irrational significance. I don’t want to have to shell out again for things I already have, but is that because they are linked to the best (and worst) time in my life?

Now, I have to reduce that down even further to a 15 x 18 ft storage shed and 30KG of luggage. And I’m not sure where to begin. What do you prioritise? What should you keep in case you return sooner rather than later? What can you really do without and buy only IF you really need it?

Suddenly, some things seem really important to me, mostly my travel mementos and my library, items I associate with significant memories, people and events. But other things, like my music, have been sidelined as ‘downloadable and therefore lighter’. Furniture I know I’ll need when I return and have sentimental value, like my beautiful bed, could be sold on and replaced when the time comes. Do I have the guts to really jettison significant portions of my life, and the stories that go with them, to give me a blank page on which to begin again or should I hold on to who I was in preparation for who I am to become?

I am trying to be rational about what I will and won’t need, yet ruthless about not keeping sentimental items in the belief that they are ‘important’. It’s hard and yet also freeing, easy but frustratingly restrictive.

Am I 30KG and a storage shed – more or less?


One thought on “My Life in 30KG

  1. You are more and less than that. You are everything and something so small – but never insignificant. You are what you can take and what you can leave behind, You are weightless and weighted. Take what feels right. Leave the baggage behind.
    Debbie xx

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